Lee Friedlander's American Monument Search!

Peter Kayafas

Help us identify the locations of the monuments in these Lee Friedlander photographs! Deadline: May 15, 2017 When The American Monument was first published in 1976, researchers at the Eakins Press Foundation were able to use Friedlander's notes to properly identify almost all of the 213 monuments included in this now celebrated book. After many months of writing letters back and forth with local city officials and municipal employees, all but four monuments were identified. Now, forty years later, the Eakins Press Foundation is publishing a 2nd edition and we seek your help with naming the monument and finding the… Read More

Balanchine Teaching & 50 Years of the Eakins Press!

Peter Kayafas

On November 10th, friends and supporters of the Eakins Press Foundation and Ballet Society gathered to celebrate the publication of Balanchine Teaching - a limited edition portfolio of photographs by Nancy Lassalle. The evening also marked the 50th anniversary of the Eakins Press Foundation and a formal merging of the Press with Ballet Society. The Board of Directors and staff of the Eakins Press Foundation thank all who joined us that evening and continue to support our mission. All photographs © Jack Llewellyn-Karski. Nancy Lassalle, Peter Martins, Peter Kayafas, and Allegra Fuller Snyder George de Menil, Lois de Menil and Olivier… Read More

Peter Galassi on Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom

Peter Kayafas

Lee Friedlander Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom Remarks for Eakins Press Foundation, October 27, 2015 Peter Galassi On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Brown v. Board of Education. The ruling overturned the doctrine of “separate but equal,” which had underpinned racial segregation and discrimination in the United States, especially in the South. To put it mildly, however, the states that were most severely in the grip of Jim Crow were the slowest to comply with the decision. Many simply refused. To call attention to this persistent injustice and to challenge it, African-American leaders convened what… Read More

A very special evening with Lee Friedlander and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Karen Lee

Ben Jaffe and Lee Friedlander. On October 27th, the Eakins Press Foundation hosted a book party for our newest publication - Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, photographs by Lee Friedlander. The intimate celebration took place at the Heath at the McKittrick Hotel with just over 130 guests. Among the evening's highlights, was a knockdown set by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans and insightful remarks by Peter Galassi about the book's historical context (more to come on that in another post). Lee's personal connection to Preservation Hall goes back to its beginnings. The Eakins Press Foundation is so grateful… Read More

Pilgrimage on Press with Lee Friedlander

Peter Kayafas

Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, Photographs by Lee Friedlander I left the house at 3:45am in order to get to Lee at 4:30 as planned. No traffic, eerie quiet roads. Lee and Maria had a cup of coffee waiting for me—good and strong. Lee said, “I stopped drinking coffee 57 years ago. That’s when I married Maria. I was getting the heebeegeebees and thought it was just because I was getting married—someone had told me that getting married can give you the heebeegeebees. Turned out it was just Maria’s coffee! I drink tea now.” Sunrise… Read More