Lee Friedlander's American Monument Search!

Peter Kayafas

Help us identify the locations of the monuments in these Lee Friedlander photographs!

Deadline: May 15, 2017

When The American Monument was first published in 1976, researchers at the Eakins Press Foundation were able to use Friedlander's notes to properly identify almost all of the 213 monuments included in this now celebrated book. After many months of writing letters back and forth with local city officials and municipal employees, all but four monuments were identified. Now, forty years later, the Eakins Press Foundation is publishing a 2nd edition and we seek your help with naming the monument and finding the location in each of the following photographs.

Captions below are as they appeared in the 1976 edition.

All photographs © Lee Friedlander.

altIDENTIFIED 3/23/17 40. Justice. Location unknown. Maiden of Justice. Redding, California.

altIDENTIFIED 3/27/17 87. To All Liberty Loving People. Location unknown. Light Dispelling Darkness. Edison, New Jersey.

altIDENTIFIED 3/22/17 - 145. World War I Memorial. Location unknown. Gardner, Massachusetts.

altIDENTIFIED 3/22/17 - 148. Doughboy. Location unknown. Spirit of the American Doughboy. Waycross, Georgia.

If you or anyone you know can identify the location and monument pictured in one or more of these photographs, please send an email to info@eakinspress.com with the subject line “Friedlander Monument ID.” If possible, please include your own picture of the location and monument or any other available evidence.

The first person to accurately identify any of the monuments and their locations will receive a copy of the new edition of The American Monument, and be included by name in the acknowledgments section of the book.

The second edition of The American Monument, with a new essay by Peter Galassi, will be available Fall 2017.